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Rose & Hibiscus Toner

(4 customer reviews)


Wild Haven’s Rose & Hibiscus Toner helps to balance the skin’s natural pH and deliver the essential nutrients that it needs. Our skin absorbs 60-70% of what we feed it and with that in mind,  we decided to curate our rosewater/botanical blend with plant extracts which act as natural food for your face.

Rose & Hibiscus Toner:

Hydrates skin
Delivers valuable nutrients
Combats acne
Removes traces of makeup left after washing
Delivers a holistic balance for sensitive skin


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This Brew Includes
Hibiscus herb. Rose herb. Citrus tea. Rosewater. Witch hazel. Distilled water. Vegetable Glycerin. Reship oil. Rose essential oil. Apple cider vinegar. Aloe Vera. Calendula infused oil. Vitamin e.
Rose & Hibiscus Toner works especially best after cleansing and before putting ona serum or your favorite makeup products. Our toner is best paired with Wild Roseserum which will provide your face with more nutrients after toning and gives youan overall natural glow. Please shake before use. There may be herbs at the bottom of your bottle as this is a natural oil derived from plant ingredients. This toner is made to order and can be placed in the fridge if needed.
Directions- Mist two pumps of Rose & Hibiscus toner on your face or apply with a cotton ball. R&H can be used throughout the day as a light refresher.
**Rose & Hibiscus Toner is made to order and has a 2 day processing time**

4 reviews for Rose & Hibiscus Toner

  1. Kasaye Ayenew

    I’ve been using this for over a year, maybe longer. This toner helps me combat my acne & oily T-zone & cheeks like no other! Adding this & Rose serum to my routine has really changed the game for my skin. I would get red/ white bumps & stress hive flares quite often. With sensitive skin it important to keep a toner to balance the skin. I’ve tried other toners but this has been the best so far!

  2. Mercy (verified owner)

    Feels so fresh, I love everything about this toner❣👌🏿. I use it with the Wild Rose Serum and its just the best I’ve used …add it to my signature best …

  3. Kareenelle

    This toner is really good! I have oily skin and it calms it down a lot. When I’m on the go, I just toss it in my bag and when my skin starts doing it’s thing, I take it out apply a spritz or two and I am back in business. It’s especially good once I’ve washed off my makeup and/or choose to wear a fresh face. A really nice replacement for the items I utilized before. I’m stuck on it!

  4. Denae R (verified owner)

    One spray of this toner is instant love! I use it most after showering, washing, and steaming my face. The glow it gives is incredible. This is the greatest product I’ve found to pick up dirt left behind, minimize oil on the face, but is still incredibly supple and hydrating. I honestly wanna never run out of this product. Thank you for putting love into skin care products that heal.

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