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Plant Fix Eczema Salve 4oz

(2 customer reviews)


We know first hand that the eczema struggle is way too real. The itchy nights, embarrassing dry patches, and terrible scarring can make anyone feel defeated.
This is why we’ve brewed up Plant Fix, an all-natural eczema salve that instantly soothes and repairs damaged skin.
Here are a few note worthy ingredients that act as key players in our herbal salve recipe:
Calendula- Targets eczema and gets rid of dead skin cells. Helps ease irritation and acute skin inflammation. Calendula is known for disinfecting and treating minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, diaper rash, and skin infections. (Calendula has become a staple in most of our products)
Manuka Honey- Reduces inflammation which aids in healing. Stops the growth of harmful bacteria which is commonly found in eczema-prone skin. Keeps the skin moist and forms protective barrier on the skin. Soothes and repairs.
Rosehip Oil– Brightens skin, moisturizes, hydrates, boosts collagen formation, reduces inflammation, reduces hyperpigmentation, calms irritation, and reduces scars and fine lines.
How to use: You can apply Plant Fix to any area where you are having an eczema flare up. You can apply as many times as needed throughout the day. Our herbal salve will work to repair, sooth and heal your flare up all while preventing the it from creating hyper-pigmentation. This formula is antibacterial and will create a moisture barrier to sooth the affected area.
Plant Fix is also perfect for:
Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Sunburn, Rashes, Insect bites, Hives, and Diaper rash


We do not claim to cure eczema. We offer Plant Fix as an alternative to prescribed eczema creams. Plant Fix provides instant relief to eczema flare-ups and is meant to help aid in the healing process. Plant Fix is completely plant based and is a great substitution to other salves that are formulated with harmful ingredients. We have conducted extensive research on various essential oils, medicinal herbs and plant based butters to formulate this product.

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2 oz Tin, 4 oz Tin

2 reviews for Plant Fix Eczema Salve 4oz

  1. Pamela B.

    I have been using the Plant Fix Excema Salve for the past two years. I use it for itching and when I break out in little bumps. It relieves the itching immediately and makes the bumps go away in about a half an hour. This stuff does what it says. And I am so grateful that I found something that works because without it I would really be miserable. Plant Fix makes irritations go BOOM!

  2. Pamela Boyd (verified owner)

    I forgot to add that Plant Fix is great for keeping your feet free of dead skin, and making it soft and smooth. You won’t believe the transformation. Plant Fix immediately blends into your skin leaving it moisturized, and greaseless. . Of course, it is greasy going on but your skin sucks it in leaving a soft moisturized barrier that doesn’t go away. Use this daily for best results. IThe benefits last all day. You will never have crusty feet again! I promise you.

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