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Wild Haven is a culmination of our future-proof initiative to cultivate plant-based healing for people of color. With all of the health disparities in our community, we felt compelled to build a lifestyle brand that shows up and provides relief for compromised, eczema-prone, and sensitive skin

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Plant Fix is my favorite product that Ive tried from Wild Haven. Let me preface this by saying I have Graves disease, I suffer from chronic hives as a symptom. I suffered for years from constant agony which tore my poor skin apart. I live an organic life as much as possible and really hated prescription creams and they never really took care of my hives. When I tried Plant Fix i felt immediate relief. By the end of day two my hives were practically gone and to top it off my sores started to heal. Even light scarring that occurred over my constant itching started to fade away! I now only use Plant Fix for my chronic hives and will never go back to commercialized products. -Lashawnda W

-Lashawnda W

I really love the beard balm and oil. Im used to putting coconut oil in my hair and it working. At least I thought it did but I can’t go back after using this these. Not only does it have an amazing smell, but It helps bring out more defining curls in my hair. Thank you for putting me on, definitely sticking with Wild Haven from here on out.


Hey, I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the serum. Ive been using it a little over a week now and I see a difference in the glow of my skin and the dark circles under my eyes. It smells amazing and every time I apply it I feel so pampered. Thank you for a great product.

- Chanita

I love Plant Fix! My skin is super soft to the touch. The old product I used just kept the itch away, this one makes marks disappear from places that always had little spots.