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Hyperpigmentation Scrub


Skin cells regenerate about every 30 days. Sometimes the dead skin cells do not shed completely and this can leave your skin dull, dry, and uneven. Regular exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Our Hyperpigmentation Scrub is rich in botanicals that target blemishes and corrects dark spots. There are a lot of tough areas for melanin women such as acne blemishes on our face, discoloration under our underarms, and hyperpigmentation on our bikini line– our scrub is safe to use on any of these problem areas!
How To Use: Use this scrub while in the shower because Hyperpigmentation Scrubs contain tumeric, which can get messy. Add a small amount of the scrub to wet skin and scrub the area in circles for at least a minute. You can also leave the scrub on the dark areas for a few minutes while you continue with the rest of your bathing routine. Rinse your skin off with organic soap and water and pat dry with a dark colored towel. Do not use a white towel because tumeric stains. If you applied this scrub to your face follow up by applying the Rose & Hibiscus Toner & Wild Rose Serum for best results.
Its best to exfoliate at least once a week. You can exfoliate up to 3 times a week but remember that you are sloughing off dead skin cells and you should give your skin a break in between days. 

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Our walnut shell, bacuri butter and turmeric blend is perfect for treating dark spots on your face and body. Our scrub will leave your skin bright, smooth, and hydrated!

This scrub can be used:

As an acne treatment to remove discoloration.

On your bikini line to correct hyperpigmentation.

On dark spots to even out skin tone.

This brew includes:

Walnut shell powder, Bacuri butter, Turmeric, Raw sugar, Manuka honey, Calendula oil, Vegetable glycerin, Coconut oil. Almond oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, & a proprietary blend of essential oils. 

** 2-day processing time**


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