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Tea-Tox Herbal Bath Soak

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Herbal baths are an integral part of pampering and healing yourself. Most of our lifestyles have become busy so taking showers instead of relaxing baths have become the norm. Wild Haven aspires to add relaxation back into your routine. Teatox-Herbal Bath Soak is meant for healing, cleansing of energy, rejuvenation of the mind, and has an aroma that is sure to turn bathing into a therapeutic experience.
Teatox-Herbal Blend :
Relieves aches and pains
Releases muscles
Fights colds
Boosts circulation
Relaxes the mind & body
Promotes restful sleep
Enhances natural healing
Spirit wellness
Smells heavenly

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This Brew Includes:

Himalayan salt. Dead seas salt. Calendula Herb. Rose herb. Lavender essential oil. Rose essential oil. Orange Essential oil. Calendula infused oil. Vitamin e oil.

**2 day processing time**

1 review for Tea-Tox Herbal Bath Soak

  1. Kasaye Ayenew

    This smells heavenly! With my back issues, i always love a good bath soak that relieves my muscles & joints. This gives your bath that luxurious kick- not just a normal bath

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