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Botanical Hair Mask

(10 customer reviews)


Hair masks are essential to scalp and hair health/growth as they’re nutrient dense and packed with live enzymes. Deep conditioning once a month helps to regenerate the cells on your scalp which also aids in hair growth. If you’re a curly girl like me you will see an immediate difference when using this deep conditioner as your hair will be soft, shiny, and easy to detangle. Plant nutrients will provide your scalp with all that you need for your hair to thrive. Ive been using this hair mask for the past 8 years and I swear by it.

Hair health is a process. If you’re consistent with deep conditioning once a month, using an herbal oil, and eating whole plant based foods then your hair will be healthy and healthy hair grows!


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Directions- If you do not use the Botanical Hair Mask as soon as you receive it feel free to pop it in the freezer to preserve it until you’re ready for use. This will protect the live plant nutrients from going rancid. Once you’re ready for use open the packet and put the Botanical Hair Mask all over your hair. Leave this mask on your hair for at least 30 minutes to make sure that the nutrients have had time to penetrate the hair shaft. If you have a hooded dryer then feel free to sit under it. Rinse this mask out under warm water and style your hair as usual. If you style your hair straight or have fine hair its best to shampoo & condition afterwards.

List of tips that work for hair breakage that will significantly show results.

Massage your scalp for five minutes each time you use an herbal oil, this is to wake up your scalp and get the blood circulating/flowing 
Switch to the big Cotton scrunchies because rubber ones pull your hair out.
They prevent your hair from being ripped out from rubber scrunchies. 
Wear protective styles 
If you use perms stop, seriously they’re terrible for black hair. Try to go natural, it makes a world of a difference 
Get a wet brush for curly hair. Do not use traditional brushes as they pull your hair out 
Only use heat twice a year at the most, that even includes the blow dryer 
Deep condition once a month!!! Seriously this is necessary for strengthening your hair. I use the Botanical Hair Mask once a week.
Try rice water conditioning. Put two cups of distilled water and 1/4th a cup of rice in a jar, cover and let it sit in the fridge over night. Condition your hair and scalp with the rice water and rinse out. If you don’t like the way that it smells then use a little lavender or sweet orange essential oil. 
Spray Rose water on your hair as a leave in. You can buy organic rose herbs and boil them yourself with distilled water. This will make your hair very soft.  
Switch over to satin pillowcases and sheets because the friction of regular sheets frays your hair 
Wear a good heat protectant on your hair when you’re in the sun for long periods of time. The sun causes damage to more than just your skin. 
Use an herbal oil on your scalp every other day. Wild Haven offers an amazing herbal oil.                 If you don’t have one then use coconut oil on your scalp but it’s better to use an herbal oil as all of the different oils in the mixture aid in hair growth, like calendula oil helps to regenerate hair follicles.
Go plant based!! This will change the game for your hair! 
Liquid biotin helps with strengthening your hair follicles though it’s not necessary if you’re eating the proper nutrients. 
Make sure you use conditioners and shampoos without any preservatives. Your hair can’t afford to take on those terrible non beneficial ingredients. 
Treat your hair as you would your body. Feed it the food that it deserves 
If you do all of these steps or even just a few I promise you will see a huge difference in growth and length retention.
This Brew Includes:                                                                                                                          Whole Avocado, Bacuri Butter, Kokum Butter, Rose Water, Manuka honey, Aloe vera, Calendula Infused oil, Almond oil, Avocado oil, Black seed oil, Sea moss gel, Sea buckthorn oil, lavender oil

10 reviews for Botanical Hair Mask

  1. Pamela T. Boyd (verified owner)

    OMG! I love this mask. I could not believe what the Botanical Hair Mask did for my hair. After washing my hair I divided it up into smaller sections and spread the Botanical Hair Mask through each section. Then combed it through starting from the ends of my hair up to my roots. Always comb from the ends to the roots otherwise you will pull your hair out. Anyway, my hair (4a/b/c-mostly 4c) started to straighten out then curl up into the most defined curls I have ever seen (I have been natural for the past 3 years)! I was so excited I had to let someone else see it. Now, I am going to bed and putting on a plastic cap, which I will wear all night. Tomorrow when I get up I will let you know what my hair looks like after it has dried. But if my curls are this defined when wet, I can’t even imagine what it will look like tomorrow. Can’t wait.

  2. Andrea Urban

    This hair mask is hands down the best one I’ve ever used. Honestly, I’ve never been the girl to really invest consistently in my hair moisture and health. I began to take it seriously after seeing/reading about the natural ingredients in the hair mask and how it helped other women with curly hair like mine! Janae was even able to customize my hair mask to be lighter so it wouldn’t weigh down my curls (my hair is very fine). The hydration and curl definition were apparent as soon as I combed through it wet and started to scrunch! My curls are mostly a 3a with some 3b’s and can get “fluffy frizzy” easily, so to see bounce and shine back in my hair after only one use was amazing. I plan on continuing to use these plant based products long term and if you are reading this—-ABSOLUTELY give these products a go. You won’t regret it!

  3. Katie – IG: @type_ofbeautiful

    I’ve tried a LOT of hair masks in the last year and a half of my natural curl journey, and the Botanical Hair Mask is hands down one of the very best! I love the natural ingredients and it left my curls smooth, shiny, and refreshed. Highly recommend!

  4. Taj

    I have scalp folliculitis and I have struggled with shampoos as well as pomades and oils for my scalp causing breakouts. When I used the Botanical hair mask, I literally felt the mask working my scalp. My scalp felt much better, it wasn’t dry, and more importantly, I wasn’t having any breakouts. I really appreciate this because as a black male, there aren’t many products that are healthy for our scalp but this really did it. Thank you so much.

  5. Joanna

    This hair mask is amazing! It’s so luxurious on the hair and I love that it’s natural and can be frozen to save for later. My curls pop without feeling weighed down!

  6. Hawa

    This hair mask is AMAZING!! It brought my curls back to life.

  7. Kareenelle

    I love this mask! I have a lot of hair, but it is really, really fine. I’m usually cautious about hair masks as they usually leave my hair weighed down due to the oil content. But lemme tell you… my hair was anything but heavy. It maintained its bounce and even with a bit of heat damage, every curl I had retained its coil and came right back. This is a game changer. So much that now, I even use it for my son’s hair. And let’s not forget, how awesome it smells. Five stars all around!

  8. Maddie (verified owner)

    Love it! Takes my frizz and moisturizes my hair!

  9. Miiyah

    This hair mask is amazing I love how it smells and feels. My hair is soo hydrated and soft. I started my hair loccing journey and I needed to love on my hair before. So I used this mask and my hair loved every bit of it . My stylist said it may take an additional few weeks to locc up but I don’t even mind. I can’t wait to have my kids try this product!

  10. Minerva Sheeman (verified owner)

    I love this product. This hair mask leaves my scalp moisturized and assists with my hair being healthy and more robust. Your hair needs the proper nutrients, and this hair mask is fantastic!

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