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Celestial Healing Bath


Celestial Healing Baths are meant to honor the part of you that wants to connect deeper with self, & create an at home therapeutic healing channel. Spiritual baths have been used for centuries for healing, personal protection, self preservation, resetting, and becoming more in tune with the different energies of the earth. Dried citrus fruit, herbs, and oils are sourced for our baths to create a magical botanical experience. Careful detail went into the formulation of this herbal bath soak and every botanical serves a healing purpose. This blend was also worked with full intent during a full moon for maximum Ase’ & healing energy.
Citrus Fruit: for reviving tired skin, awakening your senses, and creating a spa like setting at home

Himalayan Salt: for relieving aches, fighting colds, and boosting circulation

Coconut Milk & Colloidal Oatmeal: for soothing and healing skin issues such as eczema, and dry skin

Herbal Oil Blend: for promoting restful sleep and lucid dreaming

Jasmine Herb: is used as a medicinal plant to promote relaxation and calm anxiety, as it is a nature sedative

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